These are the foundations, and non-profit organizations we support. They help children with Tick Transmitted Infections and their families with fundraisers, events, grants and so much more. There are many groups that help adults, but so few that help the KIDS!

Will you “Turn Away” … when a small donation can help a child replace their medications, life saving equipment, medical records destroyed in the mega fires of 2020? Will you help them replace these vital things? or a precious toy? All you have to do is click on one of these names. It only takes a minute to read what they do, and how you can help!

All donations go directly to their efforts – not to us. We only ask you to try … we never take any money on our website – we are volunteers. Thank You for helping the KIDS! There are so many who need our help.

Michael Judson

LivLyme Foundation

LymeLight Foundation

The Avril Lavigne Foundation

Lyme Aid 4 Kids

Madelyme Foundation