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Lyme disease is misunderstood by the government, the general public, and most importantly, the medical community at large. Although great strides in awareness of this infection have been made in recent years due to the efforts of patient advocacy groups, local self-started patient support groups, and some legislators (we applaud Sen. Collins of Maine, Rep. Smith of New Jersey, and others) the dangerous extent of this problem continues to receive scant attention.

Occasionally a major entertainment celebrity becomes infected, creating a temporary news “buzz” for a few days. I recall when my songwriting hero Kris Kristofferson announced his infection and how it greatly altered his life. I think we all thought (to our unfortunate later dismay) that “this will be it – now things will change, and people will wake up”. Well, it did not happen. Recently, Justin Bieber announced his infection with Lyme. It all helps, but until everyone understands how severe this infection can be, the financial burdens it imposes on families, the misunderstanding a chronic Lyme patient (including children) receives we will be forced to do what this website does…

When Words And Numbers Collide… Is It Fake News, Or Truth Denied?

Real life today… WHEN WORDS AND NUMBERS COLLIDE… IS IT FAKE NEWS, OR TRUTH DENIED? I am not here to tell you what to believe. I think there are facts. I don’t believe tens of thousands of doctors, nurses, front-line workers, police, hospital workers, and EMTs all across this wonderful country are somehow all conspiring […] More

For Olivia… Old Man’s Sunday Sermon

If you can’t be fearless and creatively bold, no one will listen, and your story gets old. I raise the warnings about Tick Borne infection, we need to travel a brand new direction. The powers that be have failed us so badly – Should we do nothing? Just sit around… sadly? Fight for the right […] More

What Are the Symptoms of Chronic Lyme Disease?

What Are the Symptoms of Chronic Lyme Disease? Despite some skepticism in the medical community, chronic Lyme disease is a growing epidemic in the U.S. This stems partly from the shortcomings of many of the officially recommended Lyme disease tests, which leave too many patients with untreated infections that then become persistent and debilitating. The […] More

Sinead O’Conner Sings a Celtic Song- The Moorlough Shore (2002)

SOMETHING about a pure Celtic voice soothes a Lyme patient… Is it the earth, is it the transcendent eerie quality of the sound keening back through the misty ages? Perhaps the call of ancient voices, eagles in flight, the sea, the green fields… magical mages? Not so long ago, this voice of Sinead O’Conner at […] More

3 Seconds – A Short Film

The COVID Pandemic is not the ONLY thing… we must remember what the future will bring, if we fail to get our “home” in order our children’s children will live in “Mordor”! Yes, I like to be weird & cryptic… so get your Tolkien Lord of The Rings, and read the book or watch the […] More

Lyme is the Worst

A NEW FUN VIDEO FROM LYME IS THE WORST! FIVE of my thumbs up! And both feet, too! Hope you will support them – because we sure do! I love the theater of the absurd… just look at my poetry… it gets nuts – I’m sure you’ve heard! Please remember this is comedy & satire […] More

Debunking Myths About Lyme Disease, and Other Tick Transmitted Infections

Hello everyone… while the world is fixated on the American 2020 election, or the global Covid-19 pandemic (virus), perhaps this is an opportune time to introduce you to one of the world’s largest and fastest growing “hidden” infectious epidemics – Tick Transmitted bacterial infections. While LYME (named after Lyme, Connecticut USA where an outbreak was […] More

Why “Long-haul” Tick Infected Patients Can Consistently Test Negative Despite Having All the Symptoms and Illness

THE REAL NUMBERS OF LYME AND TICK INFECTED PATIENTS… In these days of instant daily reports of horrific Covid-19 positive test results on the news, social media, and TV (Johns Hopkins daily tracking numbers) you never hear about the daily, monthly, even yearly numbers of the tens of thousands of newly infected LYME, Babesia, Relapsing […] More

On My Mind About Lyme And Other Infections

Hello, Reader! This is the first opinion article by the founder and publisher of this new (March 2020) website. We are devoted to using music, videos, articles, and ridiculous “rhymes” to help children world-wide who suffer from long-term chronic Tick Borne infections. Before I start, I must say “thank-you” to our understanding, sympathetic, and “visionary” webmaster Robert Stigers of chicodesigns.com for […] More

Lyme Down Under – The Karl McManus Foundation

We support the Karl McManus Foundation from AUSTRALIA. musicians4childrenwithlyme.com Helping KIDS with LYME world-wide. Musicians For Children with LYME on Facebook… https://karlmcmanus.org.au/who-we-are/karl-mcmanus-story/ Visit the Karl McManus Foundation website here: http://www.kmf.org.au/ticks/ More

Lyme Down Under – Francene Lee Taylor (Her Story)

Musicians For Children With LYME … WE HAVE WONDERFUL SUPPORTERS for our project world-wide. FRANCENE LEE TAYLOR from Australia is helping me introduce musicians4childrenwithlyme.com down under. WE ARE PLEASED TO SHARE THIS ARTICLE & VIDEO HERE. Please take some time and read about LYME in Australia, it will open your eyes to the WORLD-WIDE problem! […] More

Kris Kristofferson – Help Me Make It Thru The Night (Live Version 1990 American Outlaws)

This is the plea of so many children suffering from the terrible effects of Tick Borne infections like LYME, BABESIA, BARTONELLA, ROCKY MOUNTAIN RELAPSING FEVER and so many more! DID YOU KNOW? Over 500,000 children in North America have chronic, long term infections – possibly from just a single Tick Bite. Many medical professionals estimate […] More

Kris Kristofferson – Me And Bobby Mcgee (Live Version 1979)

Kris and his enduring music helps everyone with LYME! DID YOU KNOW? Kris is a LYME infection survivor. He has quietly helped fund research for LYME patients for years thru his non-profit foundation work at bayarealyme.org. (BAY AREA LYME FOUNDATION) Playing now on our website – AVRIL LAVIGNE, SULTANS OF STRING, APRIL GISLASON, ERIC BURDON […] More

Madelyme Goes To Idaho For Treatment (2020)

MADELYME is our Hero!This trip for specialized treatment illustrates the extraordinary lengths families must go to when a child has LYME and other Tick Borne infections. DID YOU KNOW? She is only one of more than 500,000 KIDS with chronic LYME in the USA and CANADA. Millions more children suffer world-wide… https://madelyme.com/ musicians4childrenwithlyme.comHelping KIDS with […] More

Sunday Morning Coming Down – Kris Kristofferson And Johnny Cash (Live Version 1978)

KRIS KRISTOFFERSON and JOHNNY CASH… DID YOU KNOW? Kris was infected with LYME years ago and has been quietly supporting research for treatment thru his non-profit foundation that partners with BAY AREA LYME –bayarealyme.org Thank You, Kris! We find great comfort in your enduring music !This video is from Johnny Cash TV special in 1978!All […] More

Jesse Ruben – Nothing’s Gonna Bring Me Down (2019)

Jesse Ruben was stricken by LYME infection just as his career was taking off. This New York based singer/songwriter had a major hit with a song called We Can. After years of devastating illness, he has returned with his album HOPE. We salute Jesse … we are glad you are back! JESSE RUBEN’S SONG “This […] More

Blood, Sweat & Tears (Live At Woodstock 1969)

You can make Kids with LYME and their families “so very happy” if you take a minute and visit our DONATE page. We support non-profit foundations that help them with grants to pay for testing, treatments, and medications they desperately need just to survive this terrible infection. Enjoy our music, and take a moment to […] More

Blood, Sweat & Tears – God Bless The Child (1968)

One of the better versions of this great Billie Holiday song. We are featuring a few songs about KIDS this month. DID YOU KNOW ? There are more than 500,000 children with Tick -Borne infections like LYME, BABESIA, BARTONELLA, AND RELAPSING FEVER in North America, with millions more who suffer world-wide. You can help these […] More

Whitney Houston – God Bless The Child (Live Version)

We are not sure when this was recorded, although it was released in 2012. This is for all the KIDS with LYME infection across the world.Enjoy the music – help the KIDS!Stay Safe – Be Tick Smart!When you are really ill it is hard to keep inspired, but maybe Whitney can help! More

Rockin’ 1000 – Classic Themes


I’m Free – Sultans of String feat. Waleed Abdulhamid

TURMOIL & TROUBLE…WHERE EVER WE ROAM…BUT NOW, … THEY ARE FREE…AND FINALLY HOME!SULTANS OF STRING helping Kids with LYME! GO CANADA…We have other songs by them playing right now… More

Honoring Neil Spector, MD – Hero To Lyme Patients

WE LOST YOUR PRESENCE …WE SHED OUR TEARS…BUT NOW WE KNOW…YOUR “VOICE” … is HERE!DID YOU KNOW? If a brilliant doctor like Dr. Neil Spector was misdiagnosed and misunderstood for years … what chance does a child with Lyme Carditis have? PLEASE, please … take the time to listen to his wonderful presentation from 2017! […] More

Libertad – Adam Ben Ezra And Yasmin Levy (2015)

This is a wonderful duet by two world-famous musical artists. DID YOU KNOW? Millions of children around the world are now suffering the effects of Tick-Borne infections like LYME. We are so happy we can offer to you the music of these artists, while we inform you about kids with LYME. You can read articles, […] More

This Is Why I Need You – Jesse Ruben (2019 Live Version)

We are welcoming Jesse Ruben to our Music VIDEO Jukebox at musicians4childrenwithlyme.com! Jesse is a songwriter with hit records who contracted LYME infection. It changed his life in dramatic fashion and he wrote this song to honor those who helped him recover. DID YOU KNOW?  Tick-Borne infections like LYME, BABESIA, BARTONELLA, ROCKY MT. FEVER and many […] More

MacArthur Park – Richard Harris (1968 Original Version)

DID SOMEONE LEAVE YOUR CAKE OUT IN THE RAIN? A controversial song by Jimmy Webb may have new meaning for those of us with long-time Tick Borne infections. DID YOU KNOW? We suffer from “brain fog”, depression, cognition problems and overwhelming fatigue. It is not a “fake” for us – we are not just trying to get your attention! […] More

The Acousticats Featuring April Gislason – Walking In Memphis (Live Version 2009)

THE ACOUSTICATS – Featuring APRIL GISLASON (Live in Concert 2009) and TOM LANG. “Walking In Memphis”. We feature APRIL right now on our Music VIDEO “Jukebox” at MUSICIANS FOR CHILDREN WITH LYME – musicians4childrenwithlyme.com.  We support Kids with LYME and their families. All Donations to our DONATE page go directly to non-profit foundations helping them, not […] More

Is It Covid-19 Or Lyme Infection? Be Aware

BE VERY CAREFUL THIS SUMMER! It is a “Ticky” and “Tricky” time … Michael musicians4childrenwithlyme.comMusicians For Children With LYME Read the full article here: More

Musicians 4 Children With Lyme – Our Roots, The Night It All Got Started (October 2019)

Introduction In October 2019, just a short 8 months ago, I was visiting my friends Grant and April Gislason in Victoria, BC Canada on Vancouver Island. It had been many years since we had been able to all get together with long time mutual friends from our days making music, playing in rock bands, and […] More

Learning About Lyme – Bitten and the Landmark Film Under Our Skin – Why They Are Important

When you have LYME infection (a tick-borne bacterial pathogen that slowly invades your entire body over time) you suffer from many horrible effects. Perhaps you have persistent high fevers, or extremely painful swollen joints. You might be so fatigued you can barely function. Cognition gets slow and confused (the classic “BRAIN FOG” you may have heard about), […] More

Mose Allison – I Don’t Worry About A Thing (1962)

THE WORLD UPSIDE DOWN FOR YOU?KEEP “Cool” – We have been thru’ this before. Remember that nothing will ever be always “ALL right” when you have LYME infection (or for others NOW when you just are getting thru’ this time). The Original ” Mister Cool ” … 45 Record Version (Original Recording)MOSE ALLISON – ” […] More

Edie Daponte – Sliver Of Time (2019)

Edie Daponte is a wonderful Canadian singer, songwriter, and performer …(recently her show profiling French legend Edith Piaf was on tour, to great success)We are so pleased to have Edie helping us support Kids with LYME and their families!All Donations to our DONATE page go directly to non-profit foundations helping Kids, not to us.  Featured on […] More

Mose Allison – Everybody Cryin’ Mercy (Live Bbc Version 2005)

EVERYBODY CRYIN’ MERCY – Mose Allison (LIVE VERSION 2005)Mercy is something we could all use a bit more of these days.Here is Mose’s Live BBC performance in 2005. MOSE ALLISON is featured this month on our Music VIDEO “Jukebox” at musicians4childrenwithlyme.com where we support Kids with LYME and their families.  All Donations go directly to non-profit foundations and groups […] More

April Gislason – Out Of The Rain (2014)

OUT OF THE RAIN … April Gislason is one of our biggest supporters at MUSICIANS 4 CHILDREN WITH LYME.  This is her version of the classic Etta James hit gospel song. Sit back, and enjoy. You can hear APRIL right now on our Music VIDEO “Jukebox” at musicians4childrenwithlyme.com. We support Kids with LYME and other tick-borne […] More

Dave Harris – Live Blues (Sitting In With Doug Cox – Live Version)

OUR BLUES HERO and Legendary Music “TREASURE”… Dave Harris appearing some years ago in Victoria, BC on community cablevision with our friend Doug Cox. DAVE is a big supporter of our Music VIDEO “Jukebox” helping Kids with LYME and their families! THIS IS AWESOME!  HEY, KIDS! … want a great music lesson? This video will astonish you.  Listen to […] More

Saint-Saëns – Violin Concerto No.1 in A major

SAINT – SAENS VIOLIN CONCERTO #1 in A Major, Opus 20 – FOR ALL THE KIDS, AND MUSICIANS WITH LYME (Like me) I have had infection (bacterial pathogens) in my body since the 1960s. These were eventually identified thru recent modern testing as Borellia burgdorferi,  Borellia miyamoti, Babesia duncani, Babesia microti, as well as Bartonella and others. […] More

Mose Allison – Your Mind Is On Vacation (2012)

YOUR MIND IS ON VACATION – Mose Allison (2012)The Ultimate “Mose” … our sardonic, witty, Jazz “Guru”… Helping the Kids with LYME at musicians4childrenwithlyme.com here on our Music VIDEO “jukebox”. Mose was a great teacher for us. We are proud to be sharing his wonderful music. We support Kids with LYME and their families. All Donations […] More

Edie Daponte – Island Rain – Vancouver Island (2017)

New Music Video of EDIE DAPONTE … ISLAND RAIN – VANCOUVER ISLAND (2017)Welcome Edie, to our Music VIDEO “Jukebox” at our website musicians4childrenwithlyme.com.Edie Daponte is a Vancouver Island based, Canadian singer, songwriter, and performer. This song features Joey Smith on guitar and Miguelito Valdes on trumpet. This is HOW beautiful Vancouver Island is … I lived there […] More

Sultans Of String – Asi Soy (This Is Me) 2020 Featuring Yasmin Levy

SULTANS OF STRING – Asi Soy (This Is Me) Featuring Yasmin Levy (2020)DID YOU KNOW? Lyme and other Tick-Borne infections are a “worldwide” problem. Many medical professionals estimate 500,000 cases of chronic Child Tick Borne infections in North America, with millions more who suffer across the world. At musicians4childrenwithlyme.com you can listen to wonderful music like this, […] More

Madelyme – Living With Lyme (2019) – A Child’s Basketball Tournament

OUR HERO … MADELYME is #1 on our MOST POPULAR chart …MADELYME – A Child’s Long Struggle With LYME (VIDEO) can be seen at musicians4childrenwithlyme.com where we support Kids with LYME.Please take a moment to view this new video below. This is what it is like, when you have LYME. You can hear great music, read articles, and support MADELYME […] More

Eric Burdon And The Animals – Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood (1965) (Studio Version)

MUSICIANS 4 CHILDREN WITH LYME – Our Theme Song (1960’s style) PLEASE DON’T LET ME BE MISUNDERSTOOD (Studio Version)Lyme Patients (including Kids) are mostly misunderstood by the medical profession, the community, and the government. We are often misdiagnosed, resulting in a long, painful, and very expensive journey as we try to get treatment for our […] More

Avril Lavigne Live (May 2020)

AVRIL LAVIGNE live at home (May 2020) … saluting front line workers saving lives during this pandemic. You can see Avril’s music videos featured this month at musicians4childrenwithlyme.com.We support theavrillavignefoundation.org – helping Kids with LYME and their families. Enjoy the music – Please help the Kids – Please stay SafeMichael musicians4childrenwithlyme.com More

Sultans Of String – The Grand Bazaar (2020)

SOME NEW GREAT MUSIC for your Weekend …Celebrating refugees to Canada contributing to the wonderfulmusic scene there ! Enjoy this terrific “fusion” mix of cultures. THANK YOU Sultans of String for letting us share your music!GO CANADA! We feature “diverse” music on our Music Video “jukebox” at musicians4childrenwithlyme.com.  We support Kids with LYME and their families. You […] More

Sultans Of String – Heart Of Gold (2019) Live Version In Concert

SEARCHIN’ FOR A HEART OF GOLD… When you are a child with chronic LYME or other tick-borne infections you really appreciate those with “a heart of gold”! There are wonderful non-profit foundations that help support these kids and their families in North America (some medical professionals estimate there are 500,000 at least). DID YOU KNOW?… most […] More

Eric Burdon And The Animals – Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood (1965) Live Version

MUSICIANS 4 CHILDREN WITH LYME – Our Theme Song (1960’s style) PLEASE DON’T LET ME BE MISUNDERSTOOD (Live Version)Lyme Patients (including Kids) are mostly misunderstood by the medical profession, the community, and the government. We are often misdiagnosed … resulting in a long, painful, and very expensive journey as we try to get treatment for […] More

Avril Lavigne – Keep Holding On (2015)

KEEP HOLDING ON …I’m here for you…Avril Lavigne has LYME like so many Kids in North America (some medical professionals estimate there are more than 500,000 cases of chronic child Tick-borne infections today). At musicians4childrenwithlyme.com you can listen to great music videos (our VIDEO “jukebox”), read articles, and Donate to non-profit foundations and groups helping Kids and […] More

Avril Lavigne – We Are Warriors (2020)

Our “Fierce” LYME Warrior … AVRIL LAVIGNE … We will be featuring Avril on musicians4childrenwithlyme.com over the next few months. Please read our comments about Avril’s song “Head Above Water” and what it means to LYME patients, young and old. We have HEAD ABOVE WATER on this website! Avril has started a great organization to help Kids with LYME and their families – theavrillavignefoundation.org. You […] More

Richard And Mimi Farina – Children Of Darkness (1965)

NOW IS THE TIME … ” Children of Darkness “…My heroes Richard and Mimi Farina from their album REFLECTIONS IN A CRYSTAL WIND on Vanguard Records in 1965. Richard died in a tragic motorcycle accident on Mimi’s birthday after publishing his book… BEEN DOWN SO LONG, IT LOOKS LIKE UP TO ME. You can hear […] More

Richard And Mimi Farina – Pack Up Your Sorrows (1965)

PACK UP YOUR SORROWS … Give them all to me…May is LYME Awareness Month and we are featuring Richard and Mimi Farina, wonderful songwriters from the 1960s this month on our music websitemusicians4childrenwithlyme.com. DID YOU KNOW? Over 500,000 Kids suffer from LYME and other Tick-Borne infections in North America. Now you can go to our […] More

Richard and Mimi Farina – A Swallow’s Song (1965) Original Version

Richard and Mimi Farina recorded an adapted version of an old Mexican folk song in the 1960s. Richard wrote new English lyrics to it … and in 1974, I contacted Mimi (Baez) Farina, the younger sister of Joan Baez to ask if I could someday record it. By that time I was already suffering the […] More

Avril Lavigne – Head Above Water (2018)

Our “fierce” Lyme warrior – Avril lavigne Head Above Water was released in 2018 … I will try to put into words what this song means to all of us in the LYME Patient Community. If you read KRIS NEWBY’s Book ” Bitten “, and you read the description in her first two chapters of […] More

Dave Harris – One Man Band (2015)

HELPIN’ THE KIDS WITH LYME… Blues Style!  DAVE HARRIS, One of our heroes and a legendary authentic ” One Man Band ” playing live, (I MEAN ” LIVE ” outdoors …) on a beautiful day in Victoria, BC, Canada in 2015. We are so happy to have his help – May is LYME Awareness Month!  You can hear Dave Harris […] More

Dave Harris the Hillbilly Blues (2009) Live on the Waterfront

HELPIN’ THE KIDS WITH LYME – Blues Style!This is our Hero, Dave Harris, with his “HILLBILLY BLUES” (2009) singing his heart out in Victoria, BC Canada, live on the waterfront Inner Harbor, in front of the Empress Hotel. Dave is featured all month at musicians4childrenwithlyme.com where we have great music videos helping Kids with LYME infection and […] More

April Gislason – I Have Nothing (Live in Concert 2011)

My wonderful friend, the soulful Canadian gospel singer and recording artist April Gislason. Wow! This will make your day – live recording with the legendary David Foster. April hits a “home run”! You knocked it out of the park! We support non-profit foundations like The Avril Lavigne Foundation, theavrillavignefoundation.org, at our little video music “Jukebox” on musicians4childrenwithlyme.com. We raise money […] More

April Fulladosa – Tell Me

WHEN WE AND OUR FAMILY HAVE LYME… Look for Inspiration! This is my wonderful friend April Gislason singing in 1978 as April Fulladosa. You can see April’s video live performance of “I HAVE NOTHING” (2011) on this website: musicians4childrenwithlyme.com. When you donate directly to the non-profit foundations helping children with LYME disease and their families listed on […] More

Michael Judson-Carr – The Lovers at Mama’s Cafe (1991) Unplugged Acoustic Version

HARD TIMES … Oh Well … Let’s “RUN OFF… DOWN MEXICO WAY!” Country/Bluegrass/Latino theme song from THE LOVERS AT MAMA’S CAFE album released on Apple Harvest Music in 1991. Recorded in a living room of a mountain cabin in Julian, CA., using only a DAT four-track recorder without effects. There was no post-recording studio production, […] More

Michael Judson-Carr – A Lot Of Time On My Hands (1978) Honky Tonk Version

WO STEPPIN’ FOR CHILDREN WITH LYME …Country / Honky Tonk “Cryin’ in my Beer” anthem recorded in 1978 as a “demo” for A&M records but never released. Finally released in 1991 on The Lovers At Mama’s Cafe album on Apple Harvest Music. Recorded at Keye Recording Studios in Victoria, Canada by Michael and his studio […] More

Morry Stearns – Take It From There

With a little help from our friends …MORRY STEARNS, great Canadian Artist, letting us use his song …” Take It From There ” from his album POWER IN OUR HANDS (1992) on Polydor Records. Donating to the foundations listed on our DONATE page helps us to keep on helping the Kids with Lyme at musicians4childrenwithlyme.com.THANK YOU, […] More

About MadeLyme – A Child’s Long Struggle With Lyme

  Click here to watch the Madelyme – My Story Video! In June of 2012, we visited a petting zoo in the Florida Keys. The next night, we ended up in the ER with a rash that would overtake Madeline’s body. The doctor administered medication and sent us home. He said it could be from […] More

Michael Judson-Carr – Incredibly Lonely

This is for Children with Lyme (1991) Unplugged acoustic version. Written and performed by Michael Judson – Carr. Long before ” unplugged ” albums by the stars were all the rage, Michael and his acoustic band ( Julian Mountain Boys ) recorded this album – THE LOVERS AT MAMA’S CAFE – in a living room […] More

Michael Judson-Carr – California Boy

Quarantine Blues… sun, fun, longing for old times… Michael and his friends (Sample – Stearns Band) at Keye Recording Studios in 1979. April Fulladosa (Gislason) background vocals, Morry Stearns background vocals & keyboards, Bill Sample arranger and keyboards, Jerry Adolphe percussion and drums, Lee Oliphant, bass, Norm MacPherson, guitar, Grant Gislason, guitar, Michael Judson-Carr songwriter […] More

Morry Stearns – One People

There are no countries. There is just one family. There are no colors. Just one light in you and me. There are no reasons we can’t live in harmony. There is just one people, in just one world, you and me. There is no freedom if the people cannot choose. There is no victory if […] More

Truckin’ For Children With Lyme (1991) Bluegrass/Country Farce

Silly, but fun “Trucker” song! Alice’s Restaurant goes Truckin’ … TRUCKIN’ FOR CHILDREN WITH LYME / JULIAN MT. “RAG” A egocentric and chauvinistic Trucker in the 1980s wanders into a very different remote roadhouse cafe ( MAMA’S ) and is quickly undone by the Waitress (“The Waitress is ALWAYS Right”) (“NO TALKING TO INVISIBLE PEOPLE”) […] More

Morry Stearns – Mother Earth

MORRY STEARNS is a Canadian born Singer-Songwriter, Recording Artist, Producer and Pianist. He enjoyed ten years as a member of The David Foster Band, featuring performances with David Foster himself, Celine Dion, Nelly Furtado, Bryan Adams, Kenny Rogers, Michael Boulton, Gordon Lightfoot, The Atlanta Symphony, and many others. More

A Child’s First Experience With Lyme Disease

Here is a great excerpt from writer Sarah Katz’s recent article describing her childhood experience when Lyme infection struck her family:“l first felt the dread associated with dealing with an epidemic 20 years ago, when I was 11 years old and living with my family of six in a wooded, suburban neighborhood in North Potomac, […] More

Voyage Song

Voyage Song from 1976 SWALLOW SONG ALBUM – Michel Judson – Carr and Al Harris More

A Swallow’s Song

A Swallow’s Song ( 1976 ) Title Track – SWALLOW SONG album by Michael Judson – Carr and Al Harris More

Last One Out Of Town Turn Out The Lights

Last One Out Of Town Turn Out The Lights … ( 1991 ) from The Lovers At Mama’s Cafe More

Helping your child avoid Coronavirus and Lyme disease

As if the Coronavirus pandemic isn’t bad enough, we’re heading into peak tick season. With schools closed and kids running around their backyards, I wonder if folks are taking appropriate precautions. Year after year, children have the highest number of tick bites. As most tick-borne illnesses begin with flu-like symptoms, I worry that many children […] More

Each day with Lyme disease is a marathon. For most people “waking up” feels good. For many, it is a joyous time, anticipating the new day filled with something new, something exciting planned for that day. There are great morning phrases we all use …”Wake up, you sleepy head …”, “You are missing the best part of the day…”, or “Get up, we’re burning daylight…”. There are wonderful songs like “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning”, and “Here Comes The Sun”, and so many more. When you have LYME disease (a tick-borne bacterial infection) this is the hardest part of the day.

Waking up in the morning with Lyme Disease feels like there are 10 lb. weights on each arm and leg. Your head is throbbing. You can’t think clearly. Your sheets and pillow are damp from night sweats and fevers. If you were lucky – there were no terrible muscle cramps during the last night or even the dreaded neurological seizures. Maybe you were able to have some little sleep (on and off) …maybe …This kind of morning would be bad enough when you are an adult.

“The summer in between my 1st and 2nd-grade year, when I was 6, I was bitten by a tick in Missouri. We did not see the tick and I did not have the “bulls-eye” rash that happens in about 50% of people bitten by Lyme-carrying ticks. Those 50% are very lucky because you go on antibiotics for 30 days and it gets rid of the Lyme disease.

When my 2nd grade year began, I started having body aches, brain fog, headaches, tremors in my right hand, and I started blacking out. I felt horrible and it was very hard to get out of bed. My 2nd grade teacher noticed that something was wrong in October. I think the blackouts scared my teacher and my parents the most, and they all agreed something was wrong with me.

I decided that I need to do something to help find a cure for Lyme so I started my own nonprofit called the LivLyme Foundation. My mission is to raise money to help children that cannot afford their Lyme medicine and to give money for research to find a cure. We have met a lot of families that cannot afford the Lyme drugs and Lyme doctors for their children because most insurance companies will not cover people with Lyme disease. So I would like to help children with Lyme. There is also great research going on to find a cure, and new drugs for Lyme and I think my foundation can make a difference.”

2019 … Now Olivia is the Founder of LivLyme Foundation ( livlymefoundation.org ) helping so many families with children who have LYME. You can read Olivia’s story right now at https://livlymefoundation.org

There are more than 500,000 children in North America suffering from Tick-borne diseases like Lyme, Babesia, Bartonella, and Relapsing Fever. Some medical professionals estimate the actual number is much higher. Chronic conditions and long-lasting symptoms can vary, often resulting in misdiagnosis and lack of treatment. These may include malaria-like high fevers, debilitating fatigue, severe joint and muscle pain, recurring headaches, loss of motor function, confusion, seizures, paralysis, organ failure, and cardiac issues. If left untreated … the infections can be fatal. During the COVID – 19 pandemic these children are at even higher risk…

Thank you for reading this far. We are not a technical or medical website. We offer no treatments, nor do we pretend to be a source of expertise about Tick-borne infections. For that, we recommend you visit the websites globallymealliance.org and lymedisease.org. We are about music, songs, music videos, and helping Kids with LYME. We unashamedly, unabashedly, state in our “disclaimer”…WE RAISE MONEY TO HELP CHILDREN WITH LYME DISEASE…

Now, the fun part… Musicians and songwriters who know what it is like… to have Lyme. There are many… Thank you Kris Kristofferson ! and so many others, we will profile you all eventually…Our first is the ground-breaking, out front about Lyme, really human, intensely “fierce” Canadian superstar AVRIL LAVIGNE… thank you for all you do! Thank you for starting your non-profit foundation theavrillavignefoundation.org to help so many children stricken with this infection. We are a new website, just getting started, following in your footsteps, and hope to help carry on the great work. I wish I could write songs like you, but being part of our music community makes my old heart proud…

Sarah Katz is a wonderful writer who can be seen at sarahbeakatz.com. Her story “Lyme Disease – The Other Epidemic No One Is Talking About“, is available to order through her websites.

PLEASE VISIT AVRIL’S MUSIC AT YOUTUBE or simply use your search engine to find her. We recommend all her albums, especially HEAD ABOVE WATER. In the weeks ahead, we will feature her here and on our new music channel MUSICIANS 4 CHILDREN WITH LYME on YOUTUBE.

Our wonderful Webmaster is Robert at https://chicodesigns.com/web-design/  who tirelessly puts up with an old, tech infant, handicapped Lyme patient (I tape pencils to both hands to do computer strokes because my fingers won’t work, but it works just great). PLEASE SUPPORT THE FOUNDATIONS LISTED ON OUR “DONATE” PAGE to help the Kids, and listen to our music… as our library grows.