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Libertad – Adam Ben Ezra And Yasmin Levy (2015)

This is a wonderful duet by two world-famous musical artists. DID YOU KNOW? Millions of children around the world are now suffering the effects of Tick-Borne infections like LYME. We are so happy we can offer to you the music of these artists, while we inform you about kids with LYME. You can read articles, listen to great music, and learn how to help them through our DONATE page! Here are my notes from my Facebook post (MUSICIANS FOR CHILDREN WITH LYME)

ADAM BEN EZRA & YASMIN LEVY perform LIBERTAD (2015) … Coming soon to Tick-Borne infections are infecting millions of children across the world.

Just like adult LYME patients, these children are misunderstood and misdiagnosed.
YASMIN LEVY can be heard right now on our Music VIDEO Jukebox. She is an international singing star you will not forget.

We support Kids with LYME. Our music is free…


With the cry in your eyes
Con el llanto en tus ojos

Without having happiness,
Sin tener felicidad,

With outstretched hands
Con las manos extendidas

Alone in the dark,
Sola en la oscuridad,

Every night, for years,
Cada noche, ya por años,

You murmur a prayer,
Murmuras una oración,

Your gaze goes to heaven
Tu mirada va al cielo

Begging for your salvation.
Rogando por tu salvación.
I hear the silence in your scream,
Oigo el silencio en tu grito,

I feel your pain
Siento tu dolor,

Deep in my soul
En el fondo de mi alma

How your fear hurts.
Como duele tu temor.

Let me take this couplet on my lips
Déjame llevarte esta copla en mis labios

To ask you to never stop fighting for …
Para pedirte que jamás pares de luchar por …

… your freedom
… tu libertad

Of falling in love and feeling,
De enamorarte y sentir,

Freedom for the right to choose
Libertad por el derecho a elegir

In what way to live your life.
De que manera vivir tu vida.
You are the land in which
Tu eres la tierra en la cual

Roots grow,
Crecen las raices,

When you cry the flowers cry
Cuando lloras lloran las flores,

The wind stops.
El viento se detiene.

Don’t be the river that flows
No seas el río que fluye,

Be the waves
Sé tú las olas

They break on the dock
Que se rompen en el muelle

In the storm of the sea.
En la tormenta de la mar.
You are all women:
Eres todas las mujeres:

Mother, daughter and sister
Madre, hija y hermana

In the whole universe
En todo el universo

Of all races and religions.
De toda raza y religión.

Do not stay in silence,
No te quedes en silencio,

Do not close your eyes,
No cierres los ojos,

Never stop dreaming and fighting for
Nunca dejes de soñar y luchar por

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