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  • When Words And Numbers Collide… Is It Fake News, Or Truth Denied?

    Real life today… WHEN WORDS AND NUMBERS COLLIDE… IS IT FAKE NEWS, OR TRUTH DENIED? I am not here to tell you what to believe. I think there are facts. I don’t believe tens of thousands of doctors, nurses, front-line workers, police, hospital workers, and EMTs all across this wonderful country are somehow all conspiring […]

  • For Olivia… Old Man’s Sunday Sermon

    If you can’t be fearless and creatively bold, no one will listen, and your story gets old. I raise the warnings about Tick Borne infection, we need to travel a brand new direction. The powers that be have failed us so badly – Should we do nothing? Just sit around… sadly? Fight for the right […]

  • 3 Seconds – A Short Film

    The COVID Pandemic is not the ONLY thing… we must remember what the future will bring, if we fail to get our “home” in order our children’s children will live in “Mordor”! Yes, I like to be weird & cryptic… so get your Tolkien Lord of The Rings, and read the book or watch the […]

  • Debunking Myths About Lyme Disease, and Other Tick Transmitted Infections

    Hello everyone… while the world is fixated on the American 2020 election, or the global Covid-19 pandemic (virus), perhaps this is an opportune time to introduce you to one of the world’s largest and fastest growing “hidden” infectious epidemics – Tick Transmitted bacterial infections. While LYME (named after Lyme, Connecticut USA where an outbreak was […]

  • On My Mind About Lyme And Other Infections

    Hello, Reader! This is the first opinion article by the founder and publisher of this new (March 2020) website. We are devoted to using music, videos, articles, and ridiculous “rhymes” to help children world-wide who suffer from long-term chronic Tick Borne infections. Before I start, I must say “thank-you” to our understanding, sympathetic, and “visionary” webmaster Robert Stigers of for […]