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  • When Words And Numbers Collide… Is It Fake News, Or Truth Denied?

    Real life today… WHEN WORDS AND NUMBERS COLLIDE… IS IT FAKE NEWS, OR TRUTH DENIED? I am not here to tell you what to believe. I think there are facts. I don’t believe tens of thousands of doctors, nurses, front-line workers, police, hospital workers, and EMTs all across this wonderful country are somehow all conspiring […] More

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    What Are the Symptoms of Chronic Lyme Disease?

    What Are the Symptoms of Chronic Lyme Disease? Despite some skepticism in the medical community, chronic Lyme disease is a growing epidemic in the U.S. This stems partly from the shortcomings of many of the officially recommended Lyme disease tests, which leave too many patients with untreated infections that then become persistent and debilitating. The […] More

  • Sinead O’Conner Sings a Celtic Song- The Moorlough Shore (2002)

    SOMETHING about a pure Celtic voice soothes a Lyme patient… Is it the earth, is it the transcendent eerie quality of the sound keening back through the misty ages? Perhaps the call of ancient voices, eagles in flight, the sea, the green fields… magical mages? Not so long ago, this voice of Sinead O’Conner at […] More

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    Lyme is the Worst

    A NEW FUN VIDEO FROM LYME IS THE WORST! FIVE of my thumbs up! And both feet, too! Hope you will support them – because we sure do! I love the theater of the absurd… just look at my poetry… it gets nuts – I’m sure you’ve heard! Please remember this is comedy & satire […] More

  • Debunking Myths About Lyme Disease, and Other Tick Transmitted Infections

    Hello everyone… while the world is fixated on the American 2020 election, or the global Covid-19 pandemic (virus), perhaps this is an opportune time to introduce you to one of the world’s largest and fastest growing “hidden” infectious epidemics – Tick Transmitted bacterial infections. While LYME (named after Lyme, Connecticut USA where an outbreak was […] More

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    On My Mind About Lyme And Other Infections

    Hello, Reader! This is the first opinion article by the founder and publisher of this new (March 2020) website. We are devoted to using music, videos, articles, and ridiculous “rhymes” to help children world-wide who suffer from long-term chronic Tick Borne infections. Before I start, I must say “thank-you” to our understanding, sympathetic, and “visionary” webmaster Robert Stigers of for […] More

  • Jesse Ruben – Nothing’s Gonna Bring Me Down (2019)

    Jesse Ruben was stricken by LYME infection just as his career was taking off. This New York based singer/songwriter had a major hit with a song called We Can. After years of devastating illness, he has returned with his album HOPE. We salute Jesse … we are glad you are back! JESSE RUBEN’S SONG “This […] More

  • Whitney Houston – God Bless The Child (Live Version)

    We are not sure when this was recorded, although it was released in 2012. This is for all the KIDS with LYME infection across the world.Enjoy the music – help the KIDS!Stay Safe – Be Tick Smart!When you are really ill it is hard to keep inspired, but maybe Whitney can help! More

  • Saint-Saëns – Violin Concerto No.1 in A major

    SAINT – SAENS VIOLIN CONCERTO #1 in A Major, Opus 20 – FOR ALL THE KIDS, AND MUSICIANS WITH LYME (Like me) I have had infection (bacterial pathogens) in my body since the 1960s. These were eventually identified thru recent modern testing as Borellia burgdorferi,  Borellia miyamoti, Babesia duncani, Babesia microti, as well as Bartonella and others. […] More

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