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  • When Words And Numbers Collide… Is It Fake News, Or Truth Denied?

    Real life today… WHEN WORDS AND NUMBERS COLLIDE… IS IT FAKE NEWS, OR TRUTH DENIED? I am not here to tell you what to believe. I think there are facts. I don’t believe tens of thousands of doctors, nurses, front-line workers, police, hospital workers, and EMTs all across this wonderful country are somehow all conspiring […]

  • What Are the Symptoms of Chronic Lyme Disease?

    What Are the Symptoms of Chronic Lyme Disease? Despite some skepticism in the medical community, chronic Lyme disease is a growing epidemic in the U.S. This stems partly from the shortcomings of many of the officially recommended Lyme disease tests, which leave too many patients with untreated infections that then become persistent and debilitating. The […]

  • Lyme Down Under – The Karl McManus Foundation

    We support the Karl McManus Foundation from AUSTRALIA. Helping KIDS with LYME world-wide. Musicians For Children with LYME on Facebook… Visit the Karl McManus Foundation website here:

  • Lyme Down Under – Francene Lee Taylor (Her Story)

    Musicians For Children With LYME … WE HAVE WONDERFUL SUPPORTERS for our project world-wide. FRANCENE LEE TAYLOR from Australia is helping me introduce down under. WE ARE PLEASED TO SHARE THIS ARTICLE & VIDEO HERE. Please take some time and read about LYME in Australia, it will open your eyes to the WORLD-WIDE problem! […]

  • Madelyme Goes To Idaho For Treatment (2020)

    MADELYME is our Hero!This trip for specialized treatment illustrates the extraordinary lengths families must go to when a child has LYME and other Tick Borne infections. DID YOU KNOW? She is only one of more than 500,000 KIDS with chronic LYME in the USA and CANADA. Millions more children suffer world-wide… musicians4childrenwithlyme.comHelping KIDS with […]

  • Honoring Neil Spector, MD – Hero To Lyme Patients

    WE LOST YOUR PRESENCE …WE SHED OUR TEARS…BUT NOW WE KNOW…YOUR “VOICE” … is HERE!DID YOU KNOW? If a brilliant doctor like Dr. Neil Spector was misdiagnosed and misunderstood for years … what chance does a child with Lyme Carditis have? PLEASE, please … take the time to listen to his wonderful presentation from 2017! […]

  • Is It Covid-19 Or Lyme Infection? Be Aware

    BE VERY CAREFUL THIS SUMMER! It is a “Ticky” and “Tricky” time … Michael musicians4childrenwithlyme.comMusicians For Children With LYME Read the full article here:

  • Learning About Lyme – Bitten and the Landmark Film Under Our Skin – Why They Are Important

    When you have LYME infection (a tick-borne bacterial pathogen that slowly invades your entire body over time) you suffer from many horrible effects. Perhaps you have persistent high fevers, or extremely painful swollen joints. You might be so fatigued you can barely function. Cognition gets slow and confused (the classic “BRAIN FOG” you may have heard about), […]

  • About MadeLyme – A Child’s Long Struggle With Lyme

      Click here to watch the Madelyme – My Story Video! In June of 2012, we visited a petting zoo in the Florida Keys. The next night, we ended up in the ER with a rash that would overtake Madeline’s body. The doctor administered medication and sent us home. He said it could be from […]

  • A Child’s First Experience With Lyme Disease

    Here is a great excerpt from writer Sarah Katz’s recent article describing her childhood experience when Lyme infection struck her family:“l first felt the dread associated with dealing with an epidemic 20 years ago, when I was 11 years old and living with my family of six in a wooded, suburban neighborhood in North Potomac, […]

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