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April Gislason – I Have Nothing (Live in Concert 2011)

My wonderful friend, the soulful Canadian gospel singer and recording artist April Gislason.

Wow! This will make your day – live recording with the legendary David Foster. April hits a “home run”! You knocked it out of the park!

We support non-profit foundations like The Avril Lavigne Foundation,, at our little video music “Jukebox” on We raise money (donations) directly to the non-profit foundations helping Kids with LYME and their families. When you donate directly to these foundations (Please see our DONATE page) you help them pay for diagnostic tests, treatment, and expenses not covered by conventional insurance. You are helping the more than 500,000 children in N. America (USA and CANADA) suffering from these infections. Without you … ” I have nothing ” …..Thank you for listening and supporting us during this month.

May is LYME awareness month, be tick smart!  


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  1. I have heard this performance a few times… still astounds, gives “comfort” to me when I am very ill with “flare-ups” of LYME infection…
    I am so lucky, to have this “recording” on our website, April !
    Thank You !

  2. OK … so I listened some more times… never grows “old” …. especially tonight, when the world is going crazy … but we MUST keep our faith, believing that our little effort helps the KIDS and their families … an old song says ” You must stand up … or you will FALL for anything … “.
    MEMORIAL DAY, 2020 … 100,000 lost to Pandemic.

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