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When Words And Numbers Collide… Is It Fake News, Or Truth Denied?

Real life today…
I am not here to tell you what to believe.
I think there are facts.

I don’t believe tens of thousands of doctors, nurses, front-line workers, police, hospital workers,
and EMTs all across this wonderful country are somehow all conspiring to lie to me.
I have neighbors who have died.

I believe my family and friends who tell me about those we know…
who recently died after struggling to breathe in the hospital, finally losing the battle.
I wear a mask – mostly out of self survival – not to tell you which political party I believe in…
I just want to help the KIDS with Lyme infection all across the country, who are immune system compromised, to get through this tragic national epic.

At the risk of getting voraciously attacked, I will throw 2 things out for you to ponder:

“Pussyfooting” – a word defined in many dictionaries this way –
“To act or proceed cautiously or timidly to avoid committing oneself, like a cat circling carefully around something it finds distasteful.” (This comes from Urban Dictionary, but Webster’s & Oxford versions basically say the same thing. Please look it up, yourself…)

Today’s Total Covid-19 Death Numbers (USA) – 11/17/2020: 248,000

* I am not here to dispute what Johns Hopkins University, or FOX News, or CNN, or ABC, NBC, Washington Post, or your favorite conservative, liberal left, or religious “pundit” reports – You know by the time you read this, the numbers will be higher, anyway – they rise all the time. PLEASE DO NOT BOTHER POSTING YOUR “HOAX” THEORIES… I WILL JUST DELETE. *
The point is – you have TWO items above to think about…

Michael Judson
Chico, California

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