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Hello, Reader! This is the first opinion article by the founder and publisher of this new (March 2020) website. We are devoted to using music, videos, articles, and ridiculous “rhymes” to help children world-wide who suffer from long-term chronic Tick Borne infections. Before I start, I must say “thank-you” to our understanding, sympathetic, and “visionary” webmaster Robert Stigers of for his patient mentorship and tutoring of me – an old “crusty” handicapped newsprint publisher.  

Some background – my fingers don’t work (crippled by LYME infection) and I have to use other ways to express myself. Robert has stood by me every step of the way as I have navigated the brave new world of website and social media publishing. When I first started as a reporter we were setting old lead type by hand. Then, on to “linotype” machines, Apple 1 computers, exciting developments in “pagination”, page design, etc. I was very lucky and published thousands of pages in hundreds of editions (hundreds of thousands of copies) during my old career. Initially I was frustrated, Robert has helped me get back to my love – publishing!  Thank You, Robert! 

DID YOU KNOW?  We are not here to argue with the “deniers” of Tick Borne infections, COVID-19, or any other pathogenic “scourges” currently affecting millions. We are here to help the KIDS and their families who need aid getting tests, treatments, and diagnosis to fight a debilitating and sometimes fatal affliction that ruins the lives of children, families, and adults. Our music is free, we are volunteers, and we always ask you to donate (if you wish) directly to the non-profit foundations we list on our DONATE page, not to us. 

CONSPIRACY THEORY A Really Bad Poem by Michael Judson – I hope you enjoy our FREE music, our articles, and our weird, “quirky” rhymes. Please stay safe, TICK SMART, and survive these difficult times! Below is the “really bad” poem I published on Facebook (July 19, 2020) concerning the ever increasing rise of attention given to this subject of “CONSPIRACIES”. It will be followed by an article  I published a few days later, so you understand I do not dismiss the “plausibility” of some of the theories presented lately. 

CONSPIRACY THEORY – A Really Bad Poem by Michael Judson

Not long ago life was easy and simple … I’d look in the mirror and find a bad pimple

walk to the laptop and spend lots of time … helping the KIDS and making up rhymes.

With time on their hands, people got “screwy” – before we all knew it – things went all “looey”.

With the best of intentions – they feel they are right – then a wild-fire conspiracy spreads overnight.

Some say they’re taking my rights and my home – they’re out to get all of us elderly folks.

Plotting and scheming – I better watch out! Some say Nah… it’s all just a hoax.

I should be more careful, my views are too strong – on KIDS and LYME and radical songs …

conspiracies here, conspiracies there – conspiracies are poppin’ out everywhere!

Masks and vaccines – my mind’s in a panic –

Pizza tonight? … or something less manic? What if the driver is really a spy?

What if he’s plotting to get me to die?

Posting on Facebook – watch what you say – Men in white suits will take me away.

I just like my music and post all the time – helping the KIDS and those struck with LYME!

Things are so scary – I’m stressed to the max! – I’ll go to the bedroom and try to relax!

I look out the window and what do I see? footprints on the lawn – they’re checkin’ on me!

WHEW ………You can blame me – and this poem you have read …

please get a laugh – from what I have said …

Good Night, Sleep Tight ….

Check under your bed!

Michael Judson July 19/2020

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