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Sinead O’Conner Sings a Celtic Song- The Moorlough Shore (2002)

SOMETHING about a pure Celtic voice soothes a Lyme patient…
Is it the earth, is it the transcendent eerie quality of the sound keening back through the misty ages?
Perhaps the call of ancient voices, eagles in flight, the sea, the green fields… magical mages?
Not so long ago, this voice of Sinead O’Conner at her best,
helped calm the terrible fevers of my tick borne illness…
giving me comfort and rest,
and perspective to mount the daily test,
against the shallow callous shrillness,
of the modern world we call high tech progress…
within me a spark of hope, lighting the way,
to face each dawn – step by step,
rep by rep, hour by hour, day by day.
The legacy of Lyme is never quite knowing
if it is me, or the illness showing
when I put my pen to paper to share with you
these thoughts, these feelings that sneak on through,
of music, kids, life and what’s left to do…
* For the millions of LYME and Tick borne illness patients around the world… *

Michael Judson
Helping KIDS with Tick Transmitted infections world-wide.

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