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Learning About Lyme – Bitten and the Landmark Film Under Our Skin – Why They Are Important

When you have LYME infection (a tick-borne bacterial pathogen that slowly invades your entire body over time) you suffer from many horrible effects. Perhaps you have persistent high fevers, or extremely painful swollen joints. You might be so fatigued you can barely function. Cognition gets slow and confused (the classic “BRAIN FOG” you may have heard about), thinking through simple tasks requires maximum effort that leaves you exhausted. Sometimes your skin, or nerves, or feet are “on fire” making you desperate to find some medication, some drug, some form of therapy that will reduce the “burning”! This description is not “hyperbole”, or an exaggeration, or some form of psychosomatic fantasy that we LYME patients “create” to get attention. These are real symptoms we suffer from, millions of us. You can understand now, why we are so often misdiagnosed (the average is 5+ years), and consistently “misunderstood” by our families, the community, the Medical Industry, and government health agencies. I highly recommend you purchase and read BITTEN, a book published recently by the highly acclaimed, scientifically credentialed author Kris Newby. Kris is the producer of the landmark film about LYME patients titled UNDER OUR SKIN. Read the book, view the film, and your understanding about LYME, Babesia, Bartonella, and other tick-borne infections will begin to grow.  

(The book BITTEN was published in 2019 by author KRIS NEWBY. The award winning documentary film UNDER OUR SKIN was released in 2008)

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