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Michael Judson-Carr – A Lot Of Time On My Hands (1978) Honky Tonk Version

Country / Honky Tonk “Cryin’ in my Beer” anthem recorded in 1978 as a “demo” for A&M records but never released. Finally released in 1991 on The Lovers At Mama’s Cafe album on Apple Harvest Music. Recorded at Keye Recording Studios in Victoria, Canada by Michael and his studio friends. Magnificent fiddle solo by John Rigby! My old memories fail me on who else played exactly what, but I know Michael Grieve engineered and sang some backup vocals. You can hear us all ” clapping ” in time to add some barroom feel!

I have played this song a thousand times and I am still glad I wrote it! I have great memories of playing big Country ballrooms and watching the couples dance! How great is that … for a songwriter?

This was my mom Juanita Tipton’s favorite … She passed away on Cinco de Mayo 2019 and I wanted to get this out for her, she was 98 years old! Mom supported me thru all my years of LYME disease agony (50 years now) and of course, all my efforts to help KIDS WITH LYME!

So, SALUT ! to you Mom! Here it is…
Please help us help these Kids. We raise funds for the non – profit foundations at words and music by Michael Judson – Carr. Copyright 1978. All rights reserved, used by permission – please feel free to share of course … MichaelWaltz and two-step away, my friends … Thanks for listening!

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