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April Gislason – Out Of The Rain (2014)

OUT OF THE RAIN … April Gislason is one of our biggest supporters at MUSICIANS 4 CHILDREN WITH LYME.  This is her version of the classic Etta James hit gospel song. Sit back, and enjoy.

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Stay Safe – Be Tick Smart


Out of the rain, under the shelter
I’ve been so long where the sun don’t shine

Standing at the cross-roads
Could have went either way
But now I’ve found you
And the storm is behind

Out of the rain, out of the rain
Out of the rain

Over the wall, I’m out in the open
Back on the right track, feeling no pain
You took a sparrow and let it fly like a eagle
I can see long ways, oh, I let it to love again

Out of the rain, out of the rain
Out of the rain

Took your sweet love
To pull me out of the canyon
I believe, I believe, I beleive, I believe
I can make it, baby, maybe to love again
Oh yes, I am

Out of the rain, out of the rain
Out of the rain

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