Helping your child avoid Coronavirus and Lyme disease

As if the Coronavirus pandemic isn’t bad enough, we’re heading into peak tick season. With schools closed and kids running around their backyards, I wonder if folks are taking appropriate precautions.

Year after year, children have the highest number of tick bites. As most tick-borne illnesses begin with flu-like symptoms, I worry that many children will go undiagnosed—or misdiagnosed—this year.

What’s in my kit 

  • Thermometer (measures body temperature)
  • Blood pressure monitor (measures blood pressure)
  • Glucose monitor (measures blood sugar)
  • Pulse oximeter (measures blood oxygen level and heart rate)
  • Dye-free Benadryl (for allergies or mast cell reactions)
  • Anti-Itch and cortisone cream (for skin irritation or rashes)
  • Tylenol (fever reducer)
  • Tweezers and tick remover (because, well, you know me)
  • Band-aids and Neosporin (for minor boo boos)
  • Instant ice pack (headache, neck pain or applied to arm after blood draws)
  • Instant hand warmers (for when we go to the freezing cold emergency room)
  • Mask and gloves (protection if someone is infectious or immunocompromised)
  • Hand sanitizer (before and after)
  • Zofran for extreme nausea (requires prescription)
  • EpiPen for anaphylactic allergic reactions (requires prescription)

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