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Morry Stearns – One People

There are no countries. There is just one family. There are no colors. Just one light in you and me. There are no reasons we can’t live in harmony. There is just one people, in just one world, you and me. There is no freedom if the people cannot choose. There is no victory if my brother has to lose. There are no boundaries that mean more than being free. There is just one people, and just one world, you and me. We are one people, one strong heartbeat, just one spirit shining bright within us all. We are part of one another, born to love each other. When it’s all said and done we are one…


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  1. THANK YOU, DONNA ! MY FRIEND MORRY WROTE THIS SONG, I AM SO GLAD YOU LIKE IT! YOU ARE OUR VERY FIRST PERSON TO LEAVE A COMMENT ON OUR LITTLE “JUKEBOX” and I AM THRILLED! I HOPE THIS GETS TO YOU – I AM STILL TRYING TO MAKE IT ALL WORK…. I will thank you on other media,too ! Boy, Someone even hears us – this is so wonderful ! Michael Judson – I am so thrilled to have my friend April Gislason on our little music video “jukebox” helping Kids with LYME and their families. April’s 2 videos went “live” on our site at 12 AM May 8, 2020 and are already helping families all across the world with diagnosis, treatment, and medical bills. We are already getting terrific “views” ! Why don’t you join us ? The music is free … When I was a young man, already infected with LYME ( but did not know it then ) a great lead guitar player became my friend ( GRANT GISLASON ) and let me play blues harmonica and sing in the band Frendlyn Page ( later to become HOLY SMOKE ). I got to be life long friends with Grant, John Booth, Paul Iverson. We are so lucky to be songwriters, musicians, and get to tell our stories … even if they are crappy, and amateur. I got to introduce April and Grant at the recording sessions for CALIFORNIA BOY (1979) that you can hear on our little website,
    and they have been together all these years. There will be much more music on our video music “jukebox” as time unfolds. Please give us a listen, and support Kids with Lyme around the world. Michael
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    Musicians For Children With Lyme
    Musicians For Children With Lyme
    Musicians For Children With Lyme

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Truckin’ For Children With Lyme (1991) Bluegrass/Country Farce

Michael Judson-Carr – California Boy