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Mose Allison – I Don’t Worry About A Thing (1962)

KEEP “Cool” – We have been thru’ this before. Remember that nothing will ever be always “ALL right” when you have LYME infection (or for others NOW when you just are getting thru’ this time).

The Original ” Mister Cool ” … 45 Record Version (Original Recording)
MOSE ALLISON – ” I Don’t Worry About a Thing ” (1962 – Atlantic Records )
In 1972, when I was a young singer with my rock bandmates Grant Gislason, John Booth, Paul Iverson (FRENDLYN PAGE) we were the opening act for this “cool” jazz legend at Club Tango in Victoria, Canada.

Not only did he play on a rickety, old, upright grand piano… but he hung out with us inexperienced, naive young rockers after the gig, sharing his veteran music perspective, his “sardonic” humor, and encouraging us all, and being so “laid back”.
I never forgot the experience and now, years later, I get to share it with all during these difficult times.

I know if he was alive today he would gladly help our effort at MUSICIANS FOR CHILDREN WITH LYME (Fb) supporting Kids with LYME and their families.
SO, “Mister ” Mose – I am thrilled to say you are joining us soon on our Music VIDEO “jukebox” at!!!

Michael – June 2020


If this life is driving
You to drink
You sit around and wondering
Just what to think
Well I got some consoloation
I’ll give it to you
If I might
Well I don’t worry bout a thing
‘Cause I know nothing’s gonna be alright
You know this world is just one big
Trouble spot because
Some have plenty and
Some have not
You know I used to be trouble but I finally
Saw the light
Now I don’t worry ’bout a thing
‘Cause I know nothing’s gonna be alright
Don’t waste you time…Source: LyricFind

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