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Truckin’ For Children With Lyme (1991) Bluegrass/Country Farce

Silly, but fun “Trucker” song! Alice’s Restaurant goes Truckin’ … TRUCKIN’ FOR CHILDREN WITH LYME / JULIAN MT. “RAG” A egocentric and chauvinistic Trucker in the 1980s wanders into a very different remote roadhouse cafe ( MAMA’S ) and is quickly undone by the Waitress (“The Waitress is ALWAYS Right”) (“NO TALKING TO INVISIBLE PEOPLE”) and a psychedelic Hippie Bluegrass Band (“Julian Mountain Rag”) in this funny, farcical satire. From the album THE LOVERS AT MAMA’S CAFE (1991) Words & music by Michael Judson – Carr, Apple Harvest Music (BMI) All rights reserved.

DID YOU KNOW ?… Children with tick-borne infections (Lyme, Babesia, and others) have compromised (weak) immune systems, making them especially vulnerable to COVID – 19, and it’s dangers! There are over 500,000 cases of chronic child Tick – Borne infections in North America today. Here is a ” silly ” song – about a Trucker, a Waitress, and a Hippie Bluegrass Band (from THE LOVERS AT MAMA’S CAFE album 1991)

GOOFY? TOO SILLY? DUMB? DON’T LIKE THE SONG? That’s OK, Mama! You can help…,,, (Lyme aid 4 Kids) PLEASE SEE OUR OTHER VIDEOS… THANK YOU! Michael (2020)

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